Source: These records are sourced from commentary on the ESPNCricinfo match records. This picture of the match is designed to complement the traditional scorecard which is available on ESPNCricinfo.
What does each scorecard show?
The basic intuition behind this scorecard is that in T20, unlike in cricket, batsmen do not construct innings to accumulate runs, and bowlers don't construct spells to exert control. The game is set up for batsmen to exploit every delivery to the fullest extent and for bowlers to prevent this from happening. The Net Scoring Rate (NSR) measures this on a ball-by-ball basis.
In the first innings, the NSR is given by the number of runs scored from a delivery minus the expected number of runs scored from this delivery. The expected number of runs is given by the average number of runs scored in all previous instances in that over in the first innings where the same number of wickets remained.
In the second innings, the NSR is calculated against the required runs per ball at the start of this ball.

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